Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tribute to Gothic Music of Adrian von Ziegler

An Inside-Look on the physical CD of the Album "Across Acheron"

Angel Tears


The Front Cover for the new Album "Mirror of the Night", which has been released on 11.11.2011! Made by Carina Grimm (VikkiGothAngel).

My Black Rose

Adrian von Ziegler

Independent Solo Artist from Switzerland who composes different Styles of Music.(Gothic, Celtic, Metal, Scores, Electronic, Pagan, Symphonic, Classical)
Adrian von Ziegler is a Swiss composer of various styles and was born on the 25th December 1989.
After his first musical experience of being the drummer in a local Psychodelic Rock Band at age 15/16 he started to develop the urge to compose his own music. Because that wasn't possible for him in the current band and in the position of a drummer he left and bought his first guitar.

Throughout the years 2007-2009 he recorded countless demo songs under the artist name "Indigo" in which the guitar would get replaced more and more by the keyboard and orchestral arrangements. In 2008 his music got out into the world for the first time as he set up a Myspace account; the total clicks of his uploaded songs never passed 10'000 though and he got fed up with the account soon.
In summer 2009 he came into contact with Magix Music Maker for the first time as he was asked by friends whether he could compose the music for their amateur movie. This eventually turned out to be a breaking point in his music career because the reason why his official YouTube channel got created on 1st August 2009 was only because he wanted to upload those movie scores in order to be able to show them to his friends. It also was the point where he buried his first and only pseudonym "Indigo" and decided to use his real name thenceforth.
Through his work with Magix the orchestral elements within his songs became more and more powerful which eventually would be an important aspect of how his own style of Neoclassical Gothic Music and the orchestral Celtic Music came to life. In early 2010 his level of recognition rised within a short time after the songs "A Celtic Tale" and "Your dying Heart" got uploaded and the idea of releasing an own album took form for the first time.

The release of his debut album "Requiem" in June 2010 would become the start of an exceptional discography in which a new full-length album would be released in a period of each a few months.
Due to the fact that his self made album covers were looking rather unprofessional he decided to search for a visual artist to take the job instead. As it turned out he didn't even have to search because the very first artist that crossed his path was Carina Grimm in August 2010 who would also become his significant other. Carina Grimm since then creates all album artworks plus several other things for him like background pictures, posters, video artworks etc.
After releasing 5 albums only in 2010/2011 Adrian von Ziegler's ideas for future albums are far from gone but more alive than ever before. The exceptional team work together with Carina Grimm completes his music perfectly and reaches height after height with every new release.

Haunted Corridor

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©Adrian von Ziegler

Thanks so much for the mention of this report-tribute on the cover of  magazine"The Chandra Daily" (December 28, 2011)