Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cult Movie: Eyes Wide Shut, The Black & Red Ritual

This movie is to see with the eyes and mind open, without dogmas.

Eyes Wide Shut is the thirteenth film directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and premiered in 1999. It was Kubrick's last film, as well as his posthumous work, since the director died a few days before he can finish the final assembly. It is based on the novel by Arthur Schnitzler's dream Story and screenplay was written by Kubrick and Frederic Raphael himself. In Latin America its original title in English has been transformed into Eyes Wide Shut.
Eyes Wide Shut is a complicated, enigmatic film that requires considerable thought and viewed several times. Given that the facts blur the line between reality and dreams, the film is mysterious and inconclusive, leaving the door open to a multitude of readings.
With This film, Kubicka have touched endless secrets.

 "Masked Ball"
Jocelyn Pook
Enigmatic soundtrack of Eyes Wide Shut
Translation from backwards Romanian to English:

And God told to his apprentices...
I gave you a command...
to pray to the Lord for the mercy
 life, peace, health, salvation, the search, 
the leave and the forgiveness 
of the sins of God's children. 
The ones that pray, 
they have mercy and 
they take good care of this holy place.

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