Friday, September 9, 2011

Absolute Terror Tribute: Silent Hill

Silent hill 3 Soundtrack Music.
Breeze in monochrome night

Based on the best-selling horror action game, Silent Hill.
Rose (Radha Mitchell), desperate to find a cure for the mysterious illness of his daughter Sharon, the girl refuses to enter a mental institution despite doctors' recommendations, and decides to flee to Silent Hill, a town of its daughter constantly talks in his sleep. Although her ​​husband Christopher (Sean Bean) is opposed to the trip, Rose is convinced that the answer lies in that mysterious place. Approaching the deserted town, a mysterious figure stands in the middle of the road. Rose, not to hit her, an accident. When she comes to, Sharon is gone. From that moment, accompanied by a police officer (Laurie Holden), begins a desperate search in Silent Hill to find her daughter. Both women are quick to realize that the people, was deserted after being devastated by a terrible fire, is unlike any other. Fog is an integral part of a landscape inhabited by strange beings. Moreover, the place is flooded periodically by a living darkness that changes everything it touches. While searching for her daughter Rose begins to learn the history of Silent Hill, its violent past and puritanical, and the origins of the curse that is suffering, and understand that your daughter is part of something much bigger and frightening.

Everyone runs to the church...
Absolute terror.


This song is from the 4th Silent Hill game, but I found a piano instrumental and I thought it was beautiful.
I play piano. It is the musical instrument that I love... I heard this and I've been clear, to publish it.

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