Saturday, April 21, 2012

My fight against leukemia and Hodgkin's lymphoma has a Name…..

In these Fateful times
I was born to control you 
but you control me chained in this bed... 
patient in this growing body lighter
because you know that 
I am the Light than you don't want to see shining.

I don't have limits and you know that 
if I can’t get out of this bed, 
I will rise in spirit 
because you know than I have Wings 
... like you 

Feel your strength about me….. 
You are part of me, I don't like 
but I accepted it at the beginning of time... 
Our past time. 
I am Light Point in your Darkness 
as Angels both 
Always you will be part of me. 

my words, my voice.... 

Don't forget our eternal struggle 
I need than you go away for a while..... 
I can’t say this to your face in this moment 
But I know you hear I know... 

I’ll see you again and soon 
You never really left 
Always you walk beside me 
like a shadow 
watching every move I make 
I know I’ll see you very soon... 
very soon. 

I think.... 

When I’m more lost 
everyone tell me I’m so blessed 
to be alive because that means there is hope 
but really they don't know who I am 

Never thought I’d live to see the day 
when the words I should have said long time. 
Would come to haunt me now 
In my darkest hour I tell myself 
I'll see you soon and again I'll conquer your Territory well be the last thing I to do. 

You are always here in your world...  
..... I always beyond Heaven 

Gene Raz 
My Reflections.