Saturday, April 21, 2012

My fight against leukemia and Hodgkin's lymphoma has a Name…..

In these Fateful times
I was born to control you 
but you control me chained in this bed... 
patient in this growing body lighter
because you know that 
I am the Light than you don't want to see shining.

I don't have limits and you know that 
if I can’t get out of this bed, 
I will rise in spirit 
because you know than I have Wings 
... like you 

Feel your strength about me….. 
You are part of me, I don't like 
but I accepted it at the beginning of time... 
Our past time. 
I am Light Point in your Darkness 
as Angels both 
Always you will be part of me. 

my words, my voice.... 

Don't forget our eternal struggle 
I need than you go away for a while..... 
I can’t say this to your face in this moment 
But I know you hear I know... 

I’ll see you again and soon 
You never really left 
Always you walk beside me 
like a shadow 
watching every move I make 
I know I’ll see you very soon... 
very soon. 

I think.... 

When I’m more lost 
everyone tell me I’m so blessed 
to be alive because that means there is hope 
but really they don't know who I am 

Never thought I’d live to see the day 
when the words I should have said long time. 
Would come to haunt me now 
In my darkest hour I tell myself 
I'll see you soon and again I'll conquer your Territory well be the last thing I to do. 

You are always here in your world...  
..... I always beyond Heaven 

Gene Raz 
My Reflections.


Luján said...

I´m wordless, hablaste con esa claridad que sólo siendo iluminado como tú se puede hacer, me has conmovido hasta la médula de mis huesos, te quiero mucho Campeón un abrazo enorme.

Anonymous said...

Eres un ángel iluminado. Un espíritu fuerte y libre. Un hombre puro, inteligente y valiente. Dios lo bendijo con una gran sabiduría. Te quiero, mi querido hermano :)
Sergio Libanori