Monday, April 16, 2012

Enigmatic music: Indigo Transform by Robert Henke


Robert B. Henke (born 1969) is a German computer music composer and professor of sound design at the Berlin University of the Arts. He is a co-developer of Ableton Live music software and founding member of the electronic music project Monolake. He works and lives in Berlin.

Robert Henke's music combines influences from the electronic dance music and techno culture that emerged in Berlin in the early 1990 and the sonic sophistication and expressiveness of academic computer music. Robert Henke studied computer science at the Technical University of Berlin and film sound engineering at the 'Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen' in Potsdam-Babelsberg. In 1995 he founded the project 'Monolake' together with Gerhard Behles, who is now the CEO of Ableton. Henke's interest in performance of computer based music had a significant influence in the development of Ableton's Live software. He also built several hardware controllers for his personal use as a performer, most notable the 'Monodeck II'. A central aspect in his works is the placement of sounds in real or virtual spaces. Henke is pioneering the use of multichannel audio in the electronic dance music culture with his surround sound performances, and is using techniques such as Ambisonics or Wave Field Synthesis as well as multiple video projection to achieve a high degree of immersion. Henke also developed the software for series of audiovisual network performances called Atlantic Waves. Since 2009 Robert Henke is teaching sound design at the Sound Studies department of the Berlin University of Arts. His music is released on his own label imbalance computer music.

Amazing music!

Relaxing  & deep music
Enjoy it!