Monday, July 4, 2011

Elody Brown's Missions by Nathalie Ducharme

About the author:

NATHALIE DUCHARME is a Canadian Film and TV director, writer and producer, working in French and English.  She is an explorer of the depths of the soul, and a confirmed humanitarian for global social causes. Well traveled, she has visited more than 140 cities in 36 different countries to meet extraordinary people with emotional fortitude.

Be it fiction or documentary, reality-show or reporting journalism, she knows how to push the limits and meet the challenges before her, with a creative & innovative vision combining interactive and multi-platform content.

She has been working in this interactive project for 5 years and the first book of the series will be launch in November 2011.

Importantly, it's not just books, but it's a mysterious adventure combining books, videos, and more secret stuff on the Internet.

Main argument:

Is a very special girl. She is 14 years old and was chosen by the circle of liberation for a specific reason; her ancestor is one of the secret guardian of the mystical treasure and only her has the power to retrieve the tiles of the treasure. At birth, she was gifted with special powers that enables her to do things that no human being thought possible.

The much anticipated interactive experience called MISSION will be available soon with ELODY BROWN's mysterious adventures.                                                  

This series of interactive books promises to be a great revolution in the world of literature. An innovative formula that introduces the reader integrated into the story. 
Series of books for teenagers and young adults.

More Information:

Author's official website;
Twitter; @NatDucharme

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