Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dark Sanctuary: Reminiscencias Góticas

La clameur du silence
Album: Thoughts: 9 Years In The Sanctuary
Dark Sanctuary

L'autre Monde
Dark Sanctuary

In the darkness, I'm looking for your voice to guide me, to enlight my horizon. That is the life that was given to me, i'm bound to roam in the shadows for ever. But sometimes i long for some pleasure, moments of happiness, some aims for my life. But i remain alone, deep in thoughts, my universe is definitly closed. Listen to me, hear me, the voice that is calling you is mine!

Funeral Cry

Oh, death, come and take my breath
Look the tears on my face
I want to burn in fire
This is my last desire.
There is nothing you can say
To block my bloody way
I have reached my last day
Now it is time to pay.

Arte: Victoria Francés
Música: Lullaby
Artista: Dark Sanctuary
Albúm: Dark Sanctuary

Album: L'Etre Las - L'Envers du Miroir
Tout Ce Sang verso...