Thursday, December 20, 2012

Energy attacks

This article will probably invite an onslaught of controversy, so I will place my disclaimer here, at the start. I am providing this to document the differing opinions on energy vampirism attack, not to determine what is fact. As in all things, I tend to believe that there are many truths among different individuals, and do not claim to possess the ability to state the Laws of the issue, but to offer some insight into it.
There are many different interpretations as to what constitutes energy attack, what the symptoms are, and what the other causes of these symptoms might be. I am going to put this together as a listing of the possibilities, and my own opinions on several of the issues. I can only relate certain aspects of this from personal experience, so I will try to cover all the bases as well as I am able from the information I have gathered, in addition to that I have seen firsthand.

I also need to note ahead of time that the term of energy attack, or the more commonly used psi-attack, is a questionable one, as many of the forms of attack are slightly different, and have different symptoms. For instance, the attack that is an emotional-vampirism attack is more likely to occur only under certain circumstances, and produce certain effects, namely depressions, and the more mentally-oriented symptoms. The true psychic attack is likely do to likewise, but often on a purely mental level, effecting more the clarity and stability of the mental processes, than the physical fatigues and pains.

The energy-based draining attack is what can be held accountable for nearly all the attacks that result in the fatigue and pain symptoms, physically, including unexplained unconsciousness, excessive sleeping or tiredness, and even coma. While these are all somewhat separate cases and manifestations, I have put them all together here, for the following reason: Regardless of the form of attack or type, the defense mechanisms that can be employed for one type can often be quite effective against all the others, as well. So, while there may be many different causes, there are some simple solutions that can defend against all of them equally. For this reason, I did not feel the necessity to break it all down any further than this.

Some General Energy Drain Symptoms:
Mental Fatigue
Unexplained Listlessness
Excessive sleeping patterns
Unexplained Lack of concentration
Feelings of sudden, unexplained Depression
Physical Fatigue that cannot be explained by other means
Fuzzy state of mind, feeling of drunkenness
Unexplained nausea
Unexplained difficulty in breathing
Throbbing or pain of the forehead
Severe or constant headache/migraine
Loss of appetite
Increase of appetite
Mental Collapse
Physical Incapacitation
Prolonged Unconsciousness
In very extreme cases, Coma

Ok, now it needs to be stated that simply experiencing one of these effects does not, in itself, indicate any attack. These can be experienced due to a wide variety of other reasons, and physiological explanations can be found for most seemingly unexplained conditions. It also needs to be noted that an isolated incident (one that occurs only once or twice) is not as likely to be an attack as a chronic (regularly occurring) condition. In all cases where attack might be suspected, and the symptoms are severe, or even troublesome at all, I would suggest you see a doctor, and rule out the possibilities of real physiological problems, before assuming that your ails come from psychic or energy-based attacks.

In the majority of cases I have seen personally, or discussed with others, the symptoms can usually be traced to specific locations or people they have come into contact with. An example of this might be a case in which one particular friend of your leaves you feeling the same way, at several or all the times you are around them. Another example might be that case in which your subsequent trips to a certain location might leave you experiencing one or more of these symptoms. As I said, if you have recurring or troublesome problems like those listed above, it is strongly suggested you see a medical professional before making assumptions as to the cause. By automatically assuming that you are under energy attack, and not getting medical treatment, you might be doing yourself great physical damage, furthering a medical condition, or decreasing your chances for curing the ailment. Please seek the help of a professional.

In a small number of cases of energy attack, the attack occurs from a distance, and it is far more difficult to determine the source, or make a connection at all. Sometimes a predatorial vampire of a high ability level can target their victim from great distance, but I would have to say that this is not a common problem, and will probably not be experienced by most of you reading this. I just wanted to provide some information, for a full view on the subject.

Yet another form of attack, while it is debated as to whether it occurs due to energy vampirism, or to general psychic attack, Is that of induced mental instability. It is not a common event, but it has been reported that in some rare cases, the attack may take the form of actually, psychically induced delusion, confusion, hysteria, hallucination, etc. As I said, it is still unknown as to whether such attacks are actually due to, or in conjunction with an energy draining, or are another form of attack altogether.

Another rare, but very real, possibility is that of astral attack. It has been theorized that such attackers are discarnate spirit forms, or even astrally mobile, living beings who can move through the astral, and attack you on those planes if you have projected yourself there. It is debated as to whether or not such entities can harm you or reach you if you are not present on the plane with them, but I have no proof in either case, so I will not discount the possibility that attacks might occur on the conscious level due to action on the astral.

Defense Techniques
It has been suggested that everyone learn a reliable form of ambient energy usage to maintain a constant flow of vital energy, in case of being drained by another vampire, or for general energy maintenance.

It has been theorized that if the energy vampire can maintain a constant and balanced level of energy from ambient sources, that he/she can eliminate his/her need for direct feeding. (Which is good news for some of the vampiric individuals). Another application of ambient energy use is in the cases where direct feeding is not possible, or is limited, and the vampire can utilize this form of feeding in place of the normal feedings until the circumstances allow. By knowing how to feed off of the energy that is all around us, we can lessen our dependency on other people and appropriate circumstances to ensure our well-being and vitality.

For purposes of defense and shielding, these techniques can be quite valuable as well, providing us with an excess of vital energy with which to build up our defenses, or to project in the case of a draining attack. If we can retain an excess of readily available energy, then we are far more incline to bounce back after attack, or even repel the attempt all-together, if our shielding techniques are adequate. Being that not everyone is capable of shielding themselves well enough to defend a particularly determined or strong attacker, it is wise to know the techniques, so as to self-heal. The actual techniques would take pages and pages to document, so I will retain only a few for you here. The actual premise behind self-defense in these matters, is to use whatever works for You. My own techniques, or those commonly used by others, might not be effective or convenient for you, based on the ritualism, religious undertones, etc. You should, in the end, develop your own personal means of energy pulling, and not rely on the techniques of others for your own well being. I will include a few basic techniques here, to get you started.

Grounding or Centering:
This is described as a means by which one anchors oneself to this plane, and maintains a balanced and focused body and aura. The primary benefit of knowing a good grounding technique is that for many energy attackers, one needs to be in a vulnerable state in order for the attack to work. When one remains centered and grounded, there is no vulnerability, and many attacks can be thwarted in this manner. Many variations exists for grounding, so I will offer a few of my own favorites. It is all about the basic practice of visualization. Now, one can visualize the action in any way that is comfortable and meaningful to themselves. Some people choose to visualize, or form the imagery in their mind, or themselves growing roots like a tree, and attaching themselves firmly to the earth, gaining and sharing the energy of the earth. Others prefer to visualize their aura being drawn in towards the center of their bodies, pulling the energies around them into it, and into themselves. Depending on the religious or spiritual background of the individual, any number of visualizations are possible for this use. The basic premise is to do a regular meditation and focus on the visualization of your own personal way of grounding. In this manner, you keep yourself in a greater balance, and a less vulnerable state. This is a generally beneficial practice for everyone, whether they feel threatened by attack, or not.

This is a particularly strong means of protection, but requires much time and energy to perform effectively, for anyone who is not naturally inclined. The concept is to build some form of shield around yourself, in your aura, or through visualization, so as to provide a defined barrier between your vital energies and the outside world. These techniques have been used for quite some time by those who frequently embark on astral projections, and those who practice conjuring of lesser spirits. Again, the actual technique you use and find most effective will be personal to you, and depend on you. I will offer a few examples for reference, but would strongly suggest that in this particular discipline, if anywhere, that a strictly unique form be found for your own regular use, because that unique and personal practice will not only be the most powerful for you, but it will also be far easier to integrate into your natural habits, and eventually to become second nature. It is important that whatever form is chosen, that it be something that you will, eventually, just do without conscious effort, and quite often the techniques of others design do not allow this.

A few of the techniques that were most helpful to me, personally, are the light shielding technique and the wall visualization. In the light shielding, you conjure into your own aura, the energies around you, either from nature (sun, moon, trees, etc) or from a deity source or other divinity symbol. When you have reached a point where you fell as if your aura is filled, you visualize the outer layers of the aura expanding outward and hardening, to form a sort of ethereal cocoon around you, keeping you safe inside of it. The wall is a much easier technique, if you are fond of visualization techniques. Very simply, you channel energy from some source other than your own aura and create the barrier directly. I say, whatever works for you. I know of one person who uses the visualization of being on a small island, with the waters around the island standing high out of the ocean to protect her. Whatever works.

Spirit Familiars
While this might not seem like a very useful means by which to protect oneself, it has been found effective by many when used in conjunction with another form of shielding. The premise is simple, in that anyone who is familiar with the methods of astral movement with the use of spirit guides, or has done any Shamanistic work, is very familiar with the spiritual entities that are on the other planes. Animal familiars are common among those who practice forms of nature magick and meditation. Lesser spirits and elementals are also quite common. Any of these familiar spirits can be used forprotective purposes. The techniques for such are quite complicated, though, so I will not attempt to detail them. If you would like more information, I would be more than happy to talk with you.

Other suggested techniques include cleansing and purification rituals, magickal charms and gris-gris bags, Amulets and talismans, Natural stones and crystal works, Chakra therapy and cleansing, essential oil anointment and candle rites, but these, in my opinion, are simply tools that assist one in accomplishing the grounds for the other techniques of protection.

Source: Nocturnalvisions