Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elody Brown's Mysterious Universe

Elody Brown's missions is a mysterious adventure story about a special girl with special powers on a special mission across the world and time. (Will be launch in 2012)

ELODY BROWN© is the main character of the mysterious upcoming MISSION book series for young adults and teenagers due in fall-winter 2012-2013. 
 Elody Brown is a very special girl and strange things are happening around her. At birth, she was gifted with special powers that enables her to do incredible things. She was chosen by the circle of liberation for a specific reason; her ancestor is one of the secret guardian of the mystical treasure, the earth's greatest protector, that was lost thousands of years ago and only she has the ability to find it back. With her accomplices Estelle and Chad, she will begin a mysterious journey across the world and time to save our planet.


About the Author:

NATHALIE DUCHARME is an explorer of the depths of the soul, and a confirmed humanitarian for global social causes. She has crossed the whole world meeting extraordinary people with emotional fortitude.

She is a Film and TV director, author, screenwriter and producer with more than one string to her bow. With a University diploma in cinematography and communications, she has worked steadily in television, film and communications all over the world since 1993, in french and english.

Be it writing or directing fiction or documentary, reality-show, magazine or journalism, she knows how to push the limits and meet the challenges before her, with a creative & innovative vision combining interactive and multi-platform content.

 Discover the best book for teenagers ever! 
 The MISSION will start soon! 

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