Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orchestral Epic Rock: Tribute to City of The Fallen

In the beginning, 
God created the heavens and the earth. 
In a majestic display of power and purpose, 
the symphony began. 
We believe the music that surrounds us 
is a window to a much bigger world. 
A world more infinitely beautiful than 
our eyes are capable of seeing. 
We invite you to look through this window with us 
and find your inspiration.


In the Beginning....

A preview demo for City of the Fallen's first CD entitled 'In The Beginning'


Featuring 13 epic tracks, the album follows "the epic war between the angels in heaven, resulting in Lucifer and his followers' fall to earth".


City Of The Fallen - Volume 3 - Revelations Demo


Pure Epic!

Divine Power...

City of the Fallen ~ Vol. 5 Divine Power DEMO
(New Album - 2011)
City Of The Fallen is a production music company based in Washington DC. Founded by Ryan Amon in 2009, the company produces music for movie trailers.In early 2012 Ryan released city of the fallens first public album called "Divinus" which was made available via amazon and itunes. In late 2011 after the release of city of the fallens 5th volume "Divine Power" Ryan Amon announced that he would be taking a break from writing and composing music for city of the fallen after focusing on the company for the last 3 years. In early 2012 when a fan asked via city of the fallens facebook page if Ryan would resume writing and composing music in 2012 he replied only saying "We think that sounds like a good idea..."


Orchestral Epic Rock Trailers Music from companies such as Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, audiomachine, X-Ray Dog, Brand X Music, Groove Addicts, Epic Score...

Music For Motion Picture Advertising and Video Game Advertising Trailer Productions - trailers, tv spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, Media Entertainment, News, Previews & tv programs.

Composer - Ryan Amon