Thursday, December 20, 2012

Controlling Subconscious Feeding

The most troublesome problem for most newly awakened energy vampires is the issue of unconscious feeding. This is when the energy field automatically absorbs the energies around the individual, whether it is ambient or personal energy. The trouble with this is that not only does this adversely effect those around the individual when their own energies are depleted, but it is unsafe for such uncontrolled energies to be entering the aura of the individual without conscious measures to transmute or exclude those type that might be harmful. More is provided on the dangers and harm of unconscious feeding in the section labeled accordingly.
As far as some real things that everyone must understand when faced with the problems of subconscious or unconscious feeding, is that it can be controlled, and it is important that one finds means by which to do so. Also very important to understand, is that the only way that one can effectively put an end to unconscious feeding without depleting themselves entirely, is to learn and practice other forms of energy feeding. If the energy level is maintained and balanced through the intended methods, then the energy field will not automatically need to draw from other sources. It is quite simple. I know of no other viable solutions to the problem, and some individuals even claim that the unconscious feeding continues after such other methods are instituted. We do the best we can.

I think the most important factor in this is that the methods of feeding that are chosen for conscious feeding are the right ones for the individual, and provide enough energy supply. Often the problem is simply that the methods that are attempted are not yielding adequate supplemental energy, and therefore, the energy field needs to revert at certain times, to keep itself replenished. If this is the case, or if it becomes troublesome to the individual, then the following suggestions are offered:

Try learning ways to contain your own energy. Very possibly, the problem is about your own energy being drained or depleted by preventable means, and some simple containment or defensive techniques can end the problem entirely.

Experiment with many forms and methods of consciously pulling energy. Try out and test all the different ways you can feed, and use those means that are most beneficial and comfortable for you.

Learn and use ambient energy techniques for feeding. Many of us experience trouble in the beginning getting enough energy from almost any methods we try to use, until our focus and ability has grown more. Often, if a viable means of ambient feeding can be found, then the harm can be lessened, if not eliminated, while we work towards better methods of direct feeding.

Often the single most useful advice, if one is lacking the conscious control of their energy absorption is to make a point of spending large stretches of time in places of nature, open field, forests, the beach, wherever you can go, and openly allow your energy to be replenished without effecting other people. Another suggested, if you are more partial to human energy, is to go to large public places, and high energy spots such as nightclubs and such. In such places, there is energy being projected so vastly that your own energy needs will not adversely effect anyone, and you can be well-fed.

Author: nocturnalvisions

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