Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come with me...

This is not your home,
not your world.

Not the place where you should be.
And you understand,
deep in your heart,
Though you didn't want to believe.
Now you feel so lost in the crowd
Wondering if this is all,
If there's something beyond.

Beyond these people,
beyond this noise,
Beyond night and day,
beyond heaven and hell.
Beyond you and me.
Just let it be,
 Just take my hand and come with me,
Come with me

And run,
fly away,
don't look back,
They don't understand you at all,
They left you alone in the dark
Where nobody could see your light.
Do you dare to cross the door?
Do you dare to come with me
To the place where we belong?

Just take my hand and come with me,
Come with me...


Oracle of Time by RazielMB (ME) 
Copyright © by RazielMB. All rights reserved. 
This image is not to be used in any way without my written permission.

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