Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Lady of the Lake: moments to love, moments to separate.

The air smell of vanilla
The lady of my dreams
Surrounded by small birds
The golden air
Step by her side
My eyes met hers.
A small bird flies towards me
She dressed in white
Near the magic forest
The firefly haunt us
She look me
I return the little bird to her.
Road without saying goodbye…
But I turn around timidly,
Waiting for a response 
A maybe…
Suddenly I feel her arm on my skin
I turn…
Y want to kiss her,
But I dare not.
It woudn’t be educated steal a kiss from a woman.
I’m a gentleman.
She’s a Lady.
Suddenly her fingers brush against my lips.
I love you isn’t enough…
You’re my life, perhaps it is.
I love you
I don’t want to leave…
She stands on tiptoe and his lips brush mine,
I kiss her.
Golden Vanilla…
The lady that I love
Is based on the crystal clear lake
Moments before sunset
And I…
I founded the clouds of golden vanilla
With the lips I love you
And again…
An infinite promise, she tells me
The area lies in calm water
I fly between birds
Wrapped by the wind…

Una composición que hice en minutos, con visualización activa y continuada entre Aria y yo. Mientras la visualización cobraba vida, yo escribía la letra.
Dedicada a Aria, mi Amor Eterno.

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